specializes in Lessons Learned



Tara Mohn


Knowledge Manager, CSD, School of Professional and Area Studies at U.S. Department of State

I met Paul McVinney when he started attending the monthly meetings of the DC Chapter of the Knowledge Management Association (KMA). How fortunate for our small startup group to have attracted such a professional as one of our regulars. As a meeting attendee, Paul consistently adds value to the meeting discussions by offering thoughtful insights and suggestions. In January, he and his Knowledge Management Partners, LLC co-founder, Tom Furmann hosted a well-attended KMA DC meeting called “From Lessons Identified to Lessons Learned: What does “organizational learning” mean?”. This talk was so compelling that the group continued the discussion during the next meeting in February! I look forward to working with Paul on other knowledge management initiatives in the future! I think that he would be an asset to any organization that he decided to join.

       Meshari Alwazae

PhD candidate at Stockholm University, Department of Computer and

Systems Sciences.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for your time and effort during the interview yesterday. The interview was regarding evaluation of guidelines for best practices documentation that I developed in Stockholm University, Department of Computer and System Sciences. The assistance and
support you have provided for my work and the insight you have shared is invaluable to me. 

​Again, thank you very much for your time and for your consideration.

July 1, 2014, Meshari was Paul McVinney's client

       Victor Jimenez
Senior Professional Knowledge Management at CSC - Computer Sciences Corporation 

I’ve gotten to know Paul through the knowledge management community with the KMA, DC Chapter. I’ve had the opportunity to hear him speak on topics related to knowledge management, organizational development and organizational learning. From the get-go it was easy to recognize Paul’s depth of experience in leadership and program management. He has a wealth of stories from his military and professional background from which to draw upon to illustrate key learning objectives. I have learned a great deal from his talks concerning how to establish an effective Lessons Learned program within your own organization. I found Paul to be an engaging speaker with an ability to educate others on complex topics in an easily understandable manner. His presentation style stimulates thought, draws in audiences to participate in the discussion and then effectively incorporates their comments to the overall presentation to enable retention. I would recommend Paul McVinney and Knowledge Management Partners, LLC to support learning and program management activities for any sized organization.