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Situation: Despite management’s best efforts, organizational roadblocks inhibit the company’s best performance.  Interdepartmental issues exist all the time driven by growth/decline, mergers, multiple offices, personnel turnover…

  •  Managers see issues through the lens of their respective functional areas:  
          business units/divisions, marketing, HR, finance/contracting…
  •  Managers deal with these issues their own way, but not necessarily the same way

Top management’s goal:  Improve operations across the enterprise in a coordinated way. However, top management may not realize the interdepartmental issues that exist, the extent to which they exist, or their impact on operations, revenue, or employees.

  • Who are the experts who can see past these organizational roadblocks?  
         Your own people; however each person sees solutions from their own perspective.

Solution:  Knowledge Management Partners, LLC conducts personal, non-attribution interviews across the firm to:

  •  Focus on your specific concerns
  •  Leverage what your people know
  •  Understand the situation from many perspectives
  •  Address root causes
  •  Suggest potential innovations and improvement areas, from the perspective of those who know your business best:  your people
  •  Present holistic findings top management can immediately act on

Outcomes:  Executives positioned to act on innovations and issues across the enterprise

  •  Operations across the enterprise improve in a coordinated way
  •  Business performance improvement

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