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Paul McVinney and Tom Fuhrmann helped develop the Lessons Learned Methodology employed by the U.S. Air Force and saw what it did for the Air Force's "bottom line," it's mission.  They saw the power in a small team taking on a big topic, bringing back lessons from the field from the Air Forces's own experts, it's Airmen, and putting those lessons in front of an empowered group of senior leaders.  The leadership had a clear view of what was and wasn't working, along with inexpensive, actionable recommendations to capitalize on successes and remove barriers to better mission success.  From operations in war zones, to logistics and support systems, to improving Airmen resiliency and caring for their families, they saw the incredible results Lessons Learned could bring to the entire institution.

They also understood the nuts and bolts of the mechanics needed to put together a program any organization could use.  They understand the relatively simple mechanisms it takes to enact such a system, the critical organizational linkages that must be in place, and the simple barriers to success that the Lessons Learned System must overcome to be truly effective.  They are ready to answer your questions and get your organization moving toward more cost effective operations.  They can provide the full range of services: advise the senior leadership, provide hands on training, set up a Lessons Learned System, or implement the system by conducting a lessons learned collection.





Together, they  developed a formal program:

  • Program regulations
  • Processes, standards
  • Training materials
  • Online database
  • Development of an enterprise-wide lessons learned community
  • Engagement with senior leadership on program execution
  • Documented improvements in operations and institutional support   

Paul McVinney

  • Over nine years with U.S. Air Force Lessons Learned
  • Collections covering combat support, force development,
          institutional capabilities

  • Five years with  U.S. Air Force Lessons Learned
  • Collections covering combat operations, disaster relief,
          force employment

Tom Fuhrmann

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