specializes in Lessons Learned



Knowledge Management Partners, LLC 
Specializes in Lessons Learned

Knowledge Management Partners, LLC helps companies, governments, and nonprofits improve profitability and mission results by capitalizing on best practices and resolving issues through the lessons learned methodology.

Knowledge Management Partners specializes in lessons learned.  We help companies, government agencies, and nonprofits identify and implement lessons for business and mission improvement.  Through our methodology, organizations develop a comprehensive view of a particular situation through lessons identified by your people.  Top leadership then has a common view of the situation, allowing them to make enterprise-wide improvements.  Coordinated changes to policy, training, and processes address complex problems for optimum business and mission results:  lessons learned by the company or agency as a whole.  

Lessons abound; they are what your people already know.  Individually, these ideas are sitting idle.  Collectively, these ideas can empower your business.

KM Partners will help you gain a full return on the intellectual investment you’ve made in your people by identifying and implementing lessons.

The first step is to identify them. We will bring you the Lessons Identified by your people, ready for action.

The second step is to share them, turning Lessons Identified into Lessons Learned.  Sharing achieves two purposes:

•    Individual learning:  Decision makers have a broader perspective on topics they care most about
•    Organizational learning:  Program and policy changes make for more effective business operations

Knowledge Management Partners, LLC: 
•    Assists companies with identifying and implementing lessons for business and mission improvement
•    Helps leaders better understand issues affecting the enterprise
•    Improves operations across the enterprise in a coordinated way
•    Improves business and mission performance

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